Red Dragon's Treasure

The Captain and Crew have traveled far and wide and have "discovered" and "acquired" many wonderful things.  Here are just a few of them:

Boats, boats, boats!
San Diego Maritime Museum - The home of the "Star of India," "Berkeley," "Californian," "Medea," "Pilot," "H.M.S. Surprise," and a B-39 Soviet Attack Submarine.   Sailing Advenures, exhibits, lectures, movies, activities for all ages.

- The Official Ship's Band of The Red Dragon's Revenge, with a new CD released May 14, 2005, Parcel of Rogues.
Highland Sun
- Our buddies Howard and Ian are members of this Rat Pack of music from Ireland, Scotland, and "parts unknown."
Folk Music of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and America - The "Contemplator's" most excellent compendium of lyrics, histories of songs, and .midi files is a balmy breeze for a weary traveler trying to find that particular folk song you heard once.

Everything Celtic
- The Best in Irish and Scottish Dance, shows available for Modern, Victorian, Renaissance, and, of course, Pirate settings.  'Nuff said, me hearties.


Queen Medb Encampment
 - Education and Reenactment of 1st Century Irish Life and Legends (Iron Age/Time of Christ).  Founded and led by the lady herself, Catherine Kay, aka Queen Medb.
True Thomas, the Storyteller - Good friend True Thomas aka Robert Seutter, is not only a Master Storyteller, but is also Ship's Surgeon to the Red Dragon's Revenge and claims kinship to our own Long John Thomas.
Port Royal Privateers - A congenial bunch of rapscallions, who entertain and teach; acting, music, period games, blackpowder, scavenger hunts.

Be sure to check back often.  We're adding new finds all the time.

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