Pirate Party III:   Pirates in Paradise! (2006)
and the Red Dragon's Revenge heads to the Islands for a well-deserved rest.  Arrgh! and all ye goodly brethren o' the Brotherhood knows how hard we have been a'workin' these last ten months under Lettres of Marque received from his Most Gracious Majesty, a'mauraudin' and a'sailin' and a'plunderin'--all perfectly legal, o'course!  Yea, it be high time for us weary Pirates--er. Patriots--to have a wee bit o' Arrgh & Arrgh.   And we've found jist the place fer a Tiki-God Luau!  Aah, balmy breezes, warm sands, beach blanket bingo.

What weirdly manners o' folks may we discover there?  Islanders, Whalermen, Castaways, Surferdudes!  We'd best ge prepared for anything!

(c) 2006 reddragonsrevenge.com