What be these "Plank Owners," ye ask?  Well, historically, they would be members of the first commissioned crew of a ship, and as such, have the right and ownership to a plank of the deck when the ship is decommissioned.   Our Plank Owners are that, and so much more.  They helped build The Revenge from the ground up.  Their names are inscribed  around the base of the mast and on a plaque attached to the wheel housing.

And here they be, the scurviest, low-downest lot of  rascally sea-dogs to ply the waves.  We'll be addin' the rosters of their dreadful crimes in days and weeks to come, along with new pictures of their fellow-pirates.

   Captain Bloody Dray MacGregor

First Mate "The Jer-Dog" Kegley 

Boatswain Billy Og O'Rourke

Iron Anne Flynt  

   Red-Handed Mary

Big Tiny  


   Cheryl Shearzemov

Perfidious Pete  

  Flukless Fergus Ó Foulmouth

Leeward Leslie 

  Daniel "Graybeard" McDarrrrra

Black Spot Brown 

  Flyin' Jib ("No Pictures Please")

Topmast Tom 


  Firepit Padrigin

 Long John Thomas 

              Dread De La Torre
                 & Kookmeyer Cole 

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