The Red Dragon's Revenge,
   Dockside, with Sails Furled

Building the Revenge

No one remembers who first said "Let's build a pirate ship in the back yard."  Or at least no one is willing to admit to it.  But we did come up with the idea, and in July 2004, we started planning it and looking for materials.  Just where does one find a mast?  (Answer:

August 8, 2004 - The Raising of the Mast

Construction of The Revenge officially began on Saturday, August 8, 2004 (of course, after Bloody Dray dug a hole 4x4' and 3' deep and hand-mixed a whole lot of concrete to pour a footing with large steel brackets).  Our first 7 Plank Owners performed the Herculean feat of raising a 24' telephone pole, er, mast into the prepped concrete cavity, strapped it in, wrapped it in plastic, and poured concrete all around it.  Seven names and the date are inscribed in the concrete base.

Well Done!   RDR's Mast at Last 

The Worthy But Weary Crew  

The Main Frame:  Rick & Jeff Build the "Hull"


And then the Decks, Planking, and Pegs




Pete, Phil, and Vern Getting Ready for the Crow's Nest

In the Meantime, Vern & Michelle Start Work on the Rigging

And Pancho hangs out...

To  be continued... but in the meantime, check out these great pictures from Red-Handed Mary....

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